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Holding out to Haul it in

For the past 10 years I have watched the steep increase in NFL players holding out of training camp and pre-season games to force the hand of the team to restructure their contracts.  For the last 9 of those years I was on the side of the teams, players agreed to contracts based on the performance they had shown and the expectation of what they would do in the future, the player then went out and played and if they played better than expected at the end of the contract they would get more money.  Now however I see that no matter how the player performs the contract favors the team because the contract is not guaranteed.

For example, Andre Johnson this week held out of Houston’s OTA’s to renegotiate the remaining 5 years on his contract.  Two years ago I would have jumped all over Johnson, you’re a team leader, you need to be there, blah, blah, blah.  Now I see that after this season Houston does not owe Johnson anything guaranteed.  Depending on how the new CBA (collective bargaining agreement) is negotiated Andre would be able to be released at any time without being paid a cent anymore.  I now understand why these players feel the need to hold out from voluntary workouts, it is the only leverage they have.

Having said all that… I still tire of the Drew Rosenhaus strategy; if every wide receiver holds out then the market will sky-rocket and everyone wins.  Which is really everyone loses.  Players do not have the on field time they need to gel as a unit, teams do not get the best value for their players, and fans have to listen to million dollar babies talk about 6 million not being enough because they have kids to feed.  (I know that was Latrell Spreewell an NBA player, but it makes my point)