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Post Week 3 Drop List

Despite some major production value late in games this past week, none of the players below should be taking up roster spots in standard 10 team leagues.  One or two of them may still be worth holding on to in deeper leagues, but below is a pretty safe bet on who you won’t be playing the rest of the seasonDrop these guys quickly and get in on the waiver wire to pick up some other Fantasy Football relevant talent.

Time to go….

Marcedes Lewis:  He played for a paycheck.  He got his paycheck.  Now he looks like the TE version of Albert Haynesworth.  Next.

Issac Redman:  You can get one more play out of him if you must, but it won’t be a great one.  There is no question that he will wind up as the #3 back behind Rashaard Mendenhall and Johnathan Dwyer when healthy.  Which may not be this week, but soon.

Jeff Demps gets $200,000 Guaranteed from Patriots

The New England Patriots have won the Jeff Demps lottery.  The team signed the former U.S.A. Olympic track star was given a $11,000 signing bonus and $200,000 in guaranteed money for coming in and competing for a position in the last 2 weeks of training camp.

Jeff Demps competed with the United States Olympic team this summer in London, England.  He was a member of the 4 x 100 meter relay team that earned a Silver medal in the 2012 Olympic Games.

Jets and Otah are No More

The New York Jets attempt to bolster their offensive line crash landed on Tuesday.  Jeff Otah, formerly and now again with the Carolina Panthers, failed his physical with the Jets thus voiding the trade between the two teams.

The Jets have been looking all over the league for a tackle that can protect well enough in the passing game to allow for Mark Sanchez to have enough time in the pocket for receiver Santonio Holmes to get open down field.  At the same time they are in need of a run blocking tackle to add to the Tim Tebow dimension.  Otah was thought to be the perfect fit, but he seems unable to get healthy for a litany of injuries over the past 3 seasons.

Tebow: Up in the air, he’s a horse, he’s a plane, he’s a…..

The Denver Broncos and New York Jets agreed to a trade early this afternoon.  Tim Tebow was heading to Jersey with a 7th round pick for the Jets 4th and 6th rounders.  The Jets failed to do their due diligence on the deal and wound up pulling back the trade when the realized they were on the hook for 5 million dollars of money already paid to Tebow as a salary advance from Denver.

Once the trade fell through reports say both the Jacksonville Jaguars and the St. Louis Rams inquired about adding the run first quarterback.  Those reports have yet to be confirmed.

What has been confirmed is at the end of the day Tim Tebow is a New York Jet.  The two clubs have not released the full details of the trade and we don’t know yet who is responsible for the $5 million.


Neither Tebow or Mark Sanchez are quality Fantasy quarterbacks, and the two of them on the same team remove the strengths of each other.  Tebow may split time with Sanchez in the Red Zone which takes away the one place on the field where Sanchez showed improvement last year.  Tebow on the other hand, will no longer be on the field between the 20’s which is where he had his most success as a passer.  Rex Ryan, the Jets head coach, has long been considered a defensive mastermind; how he and the offensive coaching staff in New York will incorporate Tebow is still yet to be seen, but unless Tebow plays 15 snaps a game in the backfield as running threat his passing numbers do not give him Fantasy relevance.


Tebow Time? Not so fast Tim.

The Denver Broncos have come out publicly and said that Kyle Orton is no longer on the trading block, and Tim Tebow may not be in the Broncos future going forward.

Orton has been taking most of the snaps with the first string so far, and Brady Quinn has been working heavily with the second string offense.  It appears that the Denver Broncos have finally realized what they had all along; a solid number 1 quarter back in Orton.

Denver had stated early this preseason that Tim Tebow would be the starter this year and many NFL experts agreed that it was the right move for the franchise.  However once players got into camp and John Elway and John Fox had an opportunity to see Tebow v. Orton, the decision was fairly obvious.  Tim Tebow’s mechanics are not NFL caliber and Kyle Orton is one of the most underrated QB’s in the league.

Too many people have placed the blame for the Broncos poor performance last year on Orton’s shoulders, but a quick look at game tape from last season clearly shows that Peyton Manning throwing to Andre Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald could not have won in Denver with their pathetic defensive plays.

With Orton finally being recognized for his skill set; where should he go in your fantasy draft?  The Answer, he’s a top 10 fantasy QB, he is in the same ball park as Tony Romo, Ben Roethlisberger and Matt Schaub.  Don’t believe me, check out his numbers over the last two years and compare them to the players mentioned.  If you don’t want Orton over at least two of those players you need to reconsider your draft strategy.