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Recent NFL Signings and Transactions – August 15th

Below is a list of recent NFL players to be signed/traded/released.

Biggest news is the TE signing in Dallas, as he will be there to help take the pressure off of Jason Witten as he recovers from a torn spleen (Chris Simms is available for moral support).  The Cedric Benson signing in Green Bay has the most fantasy football relevance at the moment, as he should come in as the starter.  The best signing in recent days may be the Tennessee Titans signing of a run stopping Defensive Tackle in mammoth Michael Jasper.

Obviously the biggest name on the board is former Miami Dolphins wide receiver Chad Johnson.  Johnson served his purpose in Miami, he got ratings into HBO’s Hard Knocks and then was let go.  The alleged spousal abuse didn’t help his chances of sticking around either.

Name Position Status Previous Team 2012 Team
Jasper, Michael DT Signed Buffalo Tennessee
Alama-Francis, Ikaika LB Signed Miami San Francisco

Recent NFL Transactions

List of recent NFL transactions, Free Agent Signings, Releases and Trades

Add to the list below Robert Gallery.  Gallery announced earlier today via his agent that his body could no longer hold up.


Name Position Status Previous Team 2012 Team
Martin, Derrick DB Signed N.Y. Giants New England
Leonhard, Jim SS Signed N.Y. Jets Denver

The Full list of Free Agents

Breakdown of all players who have signed prior to the NFL Draft.

Bartel, Richard QB Arizona Arizona
Batiste, D’Anthony T Arizona Arizona
Brown, Levi OT Arizona Arizona
Doucet, Early WR Arizona Arizona
Feely, Jay K Arizona Arizona
Gay, William CB Pittsburgh Arizona
Johnson, Rashad FS Arizona Arizona
Leach, Mike LS Arizona Arizona
Sanders, James SS Atlanta Arizona
Smith, Alfonso RB Arizona Arizona
Snyder, Adam G San Francisco Arizona
Stephens-Howling, LaRod RB Arizona Arizona
Talley, Ronald DE Arizona Arizona
Toler, Greg DB Arizona Arizona
Walker, Reggie LB Arizona Arizona
Williams, Brandon DE Arizona Arizona
Williams, Stephen WR Arizona Arizona
Zastudil, Dave P Arizona Arizona
Abraham, John DE Atlanta Atlanta
Douglas, Harry WR Atlanta Atlanta
McClure, Todd C Atlanta Atlanta
Redman, Chris QB Atlanta Atlanta
Walker, Vance DT Atlanta Atlanta
Zelenka, Joe LS Atlanta Atlanta
Ayanbadejo, Brendon LB Baltimore Baltimore
Birk, Matt C Baltimore Baltimore
Considine, Sean DB Arizona Baltimore
Ellerbe, Dannell ILB Baltimore Baltimore

Free Agents signed thru Sunday

All free agents signed in the NFL though Sunday March 25th.

Free Agent Former Team New Team
Abraham, John Atlanta Atlanta
Adams, Mike Cleveland Denver
Allen, Jason Houston Cincinnati
Allen, Russell Jacksonville Jacksonville
Allen, Will Miami New England
Anderson, Derek Carolina Carolina
Anderson, Jamaal Indianapolis Cincinnati
Anderson, Mark New England Buffalo
Aromashodu, Devin Minnesota Minnesota
Avery, Donnie Tennessee Indianapolis
Ayanbadejo, Brendon Baltimore Baltimore
Babineaux, Jordan Tennessee Tennessee

Continue to see full list of Free Agent Signings in the NFL

Free Agent Signings from Friday

Friday saw several players agree to terms with new teams.  The NFL Draft is closing in and as the top tier players come off the board expect the signings to slow down.  Below is a list of the players who signed new deals yesterday.

Player Previous Team New Team
Henderson, Erin Minnesota Minnesota
Lumpkin, Kregg Tampa Bay Seattle
Anderson, Jamaal Indianapolis Cincinnati
Aromashodu, Devin Minnesota Minnesota
Muir, Daniel Indianapolis Green Bay
Chamberlain, Chris St. Louis New Orleans
Feely, Jay Arizona Arizona
Avery, Donnie Tennessee Indianapolis
Hoyer, Brian New England New England
Zelenka, Joe Atlanta Atlanta
Harvey, Derrick Denver Cincinnati
Collins, Anthony Cincinnati Cincinnati
Tamme, Jacob Indianapolis Denver
Considine, Sean Arizona Baltimore
Ayanbadejo, Brendon Baltimore Baltimore
McClain, Jameel Baltimore Baltimore
Saturday, Jeff Indianapolis Green Bay
Graham, Corey Chicago Baltimore
Dreessen, Joel Houston Denver

NFL: Let the Fun Times Roll

The NFL is officially back in business as many players have been contacted and “signed” by new teams, these signings can not be made official till Friday. Stay tuned to WTW for more information on where players land and how it will affect this Fantasy Season.

Expect our first mock draft to be released early next week, once the big pieces have found their homes.