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Detroit Lions at St. Louis Rams Recap

Another dismal game for fans in St. Louis.  Matthew Stafford started off the game with the worst first half performance of his career, throwing for 3 interceptions.  Stafford was able to connect with Calvin Johnson on 6 throws for 111 yards, however Megatron was held out of end zone.  Detroit Lions starting running back, Kevin Smith managed a solid day with 62 yards on 13 carries with a score, he also added a receiving touch down in the final minutes of the game to give Detroit the win.  Take the interceptions out of the equation and Stafford had a solid day going over the 350 passing yards in the game, although he did only have the 1 touch down pass to Kevin Smith.

Shannon Eastin – Replacement Ref

Shannon Eastin is scheduled to officiate Thursday nights game between the San Diego Chargers, and the Green Bay Packers in San Diego.  There had been rumors that Eastin would call the opening preseason game for the NFL season, Arizona Cardinals vs. New Orleans Saints in the Hall of Fame Game.  However these rumors appear to have been only speculation.  The NFL announced on Monday that Eastin would referee an NFL preseason game and it would be in Week 1 of the preseason.

According to the NFL commisioner Roger Goodell, Eastin will not be the last female to officiate in the National Football League.   Although no time table has been set for when the next female offical will be welcomed, many are speculating that if the NFL and the NFLRA (National Football League Referee’s Association) do not come to terms in the near future, more female refs could come really soon.

Eastin has spent the last 10 years officiating in the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference, and will be the first female to officiate an NFL game either regular season or preseason.

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Shannon Eastin to Ref NFL Game

The NFL front office announced today that the possibility of a woman officiating an NFL game is no longer a possibility, its a fact.

Shannon Eastin will be the first woman to work as an NFL official during league game play.  Eastin has refereed over the last decade with the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference.  NFL head of Officials had said last year that women officials were coming sooner rather than later, but no one expected it to be this season.  Johnson stated, “Our goal is to get the best people working this game.”