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Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals Recap

OK, so Kevin Kolb is the starter going into preseason, till the first series, when he gets hurt, then its John Skelton.  Skelton wins the job out right until the first game, when he goes down with a low ankle sprain and Kolb comes in and wins the game.  Anyone else just running as fast as they can away from any and all Arizona Cardinals?  The Red Birds offense looked disjointed at best absolutely confused at worst.  Arizona carried the ball 20 times, for only 44 yards, as the offensive line was unable to open any holes for the backs.

What about Wilson, Does Russel Wilson have fantasy value?

So its offical, Russell Wilson has beat out Matt Flynn and will be the starting quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks this season.  Is he worth a Fantasy Football draft pick?

Lets Break it down:

At 5’10”, Russell Wilson is undersized for the prototypical NFL Quarterback.  Now before you start clamouring about Drew Brees and Doug Flutie let me finish.  He is undersized, but, he moves well in the pocket (much like Brees) and opens passing lanes by changing his angle to the receiver.  This helps him in two ways, first it allows him to see between the linemen, not over them.  Second it changes the angle the ball is coming in to the receiver which, depending on the route and the angle Wilson is throwing from, can alter the way a corner needs to play the pass allowing for more completions by moving the defensive back out of his correct position.

The question now becomes, can Wilson play at NFL speed?

Vince Young Cut, Tarvaris Jackson on his way?

The Buffalo Bills have cut ties with former Third Overall pick in the 2006 NFL Draft, Vince Young.  Young had played last season with the Philadelphia Eagles, prior to with the Tennessee Titans.

The Release of Young comes on the heels of a completed trade with the Seattle Seahawks to acquire Tarvaris Jackson.  The deal had been at a stand still until Jackson agreed to restructure the last two years of his current contract, terms were not releasedSeattle will acquire and undisclosed draft pick in the trade.

Jackson became expendable in Seattle once they signed free agent quarterback Matt Flynn and drafted this years starter in Russel Wilson in the 3rd round of this years draft.  Wilson is an undersized quarterback for the NFL, listed at only 5′ 10″, he has shown however that height may not matter for him as he has consistently moved the offense in the preseason.

Although Wilson will be starting, we don’t predict him as a standout fantasy player, although given the division he plays in, he might be good for 4 fantasy starts a year, the Seahawks do play the Cardinals and the Rams twice.

Recent NFL Signings and Transactions

Below is a list of recent NFL players to be signed/traded/released.

The biggest name on the list is Terrell Owens who is taking his talents to the Great Northwest.  On Tuesday Terrell signed a 1 year, $1 million dollar deal with the Seattle Seahawks.  Coach Pete Carroll is excited about the opportunity and said it was likely that T.O. would start early on this season.

Name Position Status Previous Team 2012 Team
Wilson, Tracy DB Signed N.Y. Jets Tennessee
White, Teryl DT RFA Seattle Tampa Bay

Terrell Owens takes a TO in Seattle

UPDATE: T.O. officially signed a contract with the Seattle Seahawks.  NFL Networks Ian Rapoport reported that the deal was worth the 10 year veteran minimum of $925,000, easily worth the possible addition of 50-60 catches 650 yards and 6 TD’s.

The Rebuilding Beings

With the expectations of several suspensions baring down on the New Orleans Saints the need for them to rebuild the defense becomes a must of this offseason.

The Saints took great steps in that direction Saturday night with the acquisition of former Atlanta Falcons Linebacker Curtis Lofton. Lofton will help solidify a Saints defense that may still look to add more depth in the linebacker corp. Talk of Seattle Seahawk’s David Hawthorne joining New Orleans has been thrown around. If the Saints add Hawthorne as well, expect the same ole Saints team to win the NFC south one more time, as they will have successfully battled against “BountyGate”.