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The Favre Saga

Brett Favre had surgery a few days ago, and that immediately led most experts to say that he is coming back (including this one).  Several days have passed and now both ESPN and NFL network are running stories about the possible return of Favre.

This disappoints verily.  The fact that Farve is coming back should be fairly obvious.  He is a football player who does not know how to do anything else.  He is not the Boomer Esiason type who will escape the gridiron for the safety of the commentary booth.  Favre must stay on the field, that is the only true happiness this man seems to experience.

So for you the fans, expect another summer of Brett Favre standing in front of Sears appliances debating whether or not to buy.  Enjoy every sports talk show host and Sportscenter anchormen to clamour at the opportunity to mention his name.  Prepare for Michelle Beadle and the SportsNation crew to set another record for how many times they can say the name Favre.  Another summer of which there is no escape.