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Vikings add on Defense and prevent a subtraction

The Minnesota Vikings have shored up their Defense with two signings on Tuesday.  Minnesota added secondary depth by nabbing former Chicago Bears corner back Zack Bowman on a one year deal.  Bowman showed great read and recognition skills when he burst on the scene in 2009 with 6 picks and 10 deflections.  He has not however been able to reproduce that level of performance over the past two seasons and lost his starting position in 2010 to Tim Jennings.

The Vikings kept Outside Linebacker Erin Henderson from escaping by inking the 4 year pro to a one year deal.  Henderson was fourth on the Vikings in 2011 with 91 tackles, he also had 8 tackles for loss in his first full time stint as a starter.

Sharper v Shianco

Darren Sharper and Visanthe Shianco have been going at it back and forth on Twitter. Sharper Tweeted that “X marks the spot” for Brett Farve’s surgically repaired ankle. Shianco came back reminding Sharper that he had surgery to clean up his knee this offseason and pondered what marks his spot. The long and the short of it is Sharper has challenged Shianco to put his game check on the line, betting that his Saints will be able to shut down the Vikings tight end and contain him to 3 or less catches and no touchdowns.

I’ve always said in situations like these, put your money where your mouth is, and put your check towards charity. There has to be something the two athletes can find to donate those game checks to. Kids are always a good cause.

The Favre Saga

Brett Favre had surgery a few days ago, and that immediately led most experts to say that he is coming back (including this one).  Several days have passed and now both ESPN and NFL network are running stories about the possible return of Favre.

This disappoints verily.  The fact that Farve is coming back should be fairly obvious.  He is a football player who does not know how to do anything else.  He is not the Boomer Esiason type who will escape the gridiron for the safety of the commentary booth.  Favre must stay on the field, that is the only true happiness this man seems to experience.

So for you the fans, expect another summer of Brett Favre standing in front of Sears appliances debating whether or not to buy.  Enjoy every sports talk show host and Sportscenter anchormen to clamour at the opportunity to mention his name.  Prepare for Michelle Beadle and the SportsNation crew to set another record for how many times they can say the name Favre.  Another summer of which there is no escape.

Brett Favres Ankle

Brett Favre had surgery to clean up his left ankle today. Setting up another off season of will he, won’t he, until he finally decides to come back right after training camp ends.

Brett and his Bet

Wednesday the Biloxi Sun Herald reported that Brett Favre, the Minnesota Vikings indecisive quarterback, made a bet with the Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles that if they returned to the College World Series beginning in mid June, then he would return to the Vikings for a 20th NFL season.  That’s right, possibly the best QB in NFL league history is leaving his playing career in the hands of college ball players half his age.

Lets think about this logically.  There is no way that Brett Favre’s decision process with be influenced in any way, shape, or form.  The statement was made for two reasons:

1. To motivate a Southern Mississippi team to play well going into the post-season.

2. To make sure he can keep making Sears commercials and continue to hear his name on NFL Network.

Brett Favre has made up his mind already and if you can’t see that, allow me to explain.  Two years ago Brett Favre was dying to play football after a 13-3 record with the Packers but a dismal playoff performance for a team that Favre thought was “the best team (he’d) been on” with Green Bay.  After being eliminated from post season play the Packers were obviously done with Favre as  their quarterback, wanting to allow Aaron Rodgers to finally get some playing time,  and tried in vain to force Favre from playing by offering him Twenty Million dollars to not play.  Favre rejected that deal, retired then un-retired, and tried his hardest to create a trade to Minnesota, a final destination that would have to wait one year and one more retirement.

After Favre made the New York Jets fans think they had a chance to win the Super Bowl with a couple of years of Hall of Fame caliber signal calling, he finally got his wish and un-retired with the Vikings.  Now that he’s in Minnesota he’s determined to make sure he gets his last final goal.  What is that goal, you would think that it would be another Super Bowl, but that would be wrong (he’ll take one, but hats not what he craves right now).  No, Favre wants to make sure the Green Bay Packers do not win, not last year, not this year, and if there is any way he can contribute, ever.  Brett has become the scorned woman of the NFL, his sole mission is to make sure his ex husband and that bastard step child Aaron Rodgers are never happy.  Favre will come back this year, just as he has the last two, and possibly one more after this, he has to.

So we know that Favre is coming back, but how will he do.  The answer, just as its been for 19 years previously, Great.  He’s Brett Favre people.  He is losing the down field zip he used to have, but has gained better decision-making and better short accuracy.  He’s in a perfect situation for an aging QB with a solid running game and some very talented receivers.  Unfortunately for Minnesota they are not going to the Super Bowl this year, but thats not what this year is about.  This is about making sure Green Bay doesn’t either.

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Brett Favre has surgery to clean up left ankle.  All the signs point to him coming back, but won’t be till after training camp.