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Players to Drop back to Free Agency

With so many Fantasy Football players losing their minds after one week, many will be considering adding free agents.  To do so means you must cut players on your team.  Here is our list of 11 players that can safely be cut to add a new stud player from the NFL pool of Free Agents.

Rashad Jennings JAX Jennings was limited in his duties week one because of an injury, oh yeah, and Maurice Jones-Drew is back and shows no affects from his hold out.  Let the man go.
Kendall Wright TEN Wright looked a bit out of sorts early in the Patriots game, but began picking up Regular Season speed over the course of the game.  I’m not sure I would release Wright just yet.  I can see him on the Add list in 2 or 3 weeks

Players to Add from the Waiver Wire

Several players are being considered for free agent waiver wire additions after the first week of NFL action.  The Fantasy Football world explodes with excitement after the first week.  Many players will over react to a slow start and look to cut players that they “know have lost a step” in favor of the flavor of the week.  Read below the Top 11 added players and what you can expect from them.

PLAYER TEAM Report Grade
Kevin Ogletree DAL As the slot receiver in Dallas Ogletree will continue to see plenty of playing time and should be a viable low-end 2/high end 3 Fantasy Receiver.  A safe play. B

Free Agent Signings

Free Agent signings from Wednesday, April 25th, in the NFL.

Teams are locking in players prior to the NFL Draft to better be able to assess who they are planning on taking starting tomorrow.

Nugent, Mike K Cincinnati Cincinnati
Bell, Kahlil RB Chicago Chicago
Rackers, Neil K Houston Washington
Wilson, Chris LB Philadelphia Washington
Simpson, Jerome WR Cincinnati Minnesota

Recent NFL Free Agent signings

Breakdown of players that have recently signed in the NFL free agency period.

Free Agent Position Previous Team New Team
Hunter, Jason DE Denver Denver
Hargrove, Anthony DE Seattle Green Bay
Toler, Greg DB Arizona Arizona
Thomas, Devin WR N.Y. Giants Chicago
Avery, Donnie WR Tennessee Indianapolis
Dotson, Demar OT Tampa Bay Tampa Bay
Jacobs, Brandon RB N.Y. Giants San Francisco
Lawson, Manny OLB Cincinnati Cincinnati
McClure, Todd C Atlanta Atlanta
Lee, Pat DB Green Bay Oakland
Henderson, Erin OLB Minnesota Minnesota
Bowman, Zack CB Chicago Minnesota
Smith, Kevin RB Detroit Detroit

 The full list of NFL Free Agent signings.


Free Agents signed thru Sunday

All free agents signed in the NFL though Sunday March 25th.

Free Agent Former Team New Team
Abraham, John Atlanta Atlanta
Adams, Mike Cleveland Denver
Allen, Jason Houston Cincinnati
Allen, Russell Jacksonville Jacksonville
Allen, Will Miami New England
Anderson, Derek Carolina Carolina
Anderson, Jamaal Indianapolis Cincinnati
Anderson, Mark New England Buffalo
Aromashodu, Devin Minnesota Minnesota
Avery, Donnie Tennessee Indianapolis
Ayanbadejo, Brendon Baltimore Baltimore
Babineaux, Jordan Tennessee Tennessee

Continue to see full list of Free Agent Signings in the NFL

NFL free agent action on Saturday

A busy day of Free Agent and Draft Pick signings through the NFL.  Arizona Cardinals came to terms with Patrick Peterson, The Philadelphia Eagles continue to destroy the Free Agent market by signing Collen Jenkins,  oh and this Manning guy signed a $90 million dollar deal (a steal at twice the price).

There have been several teams that have come across as big winners so far in Free Agency.  The Eagles and Patriots, obviously, Seahawks have been active, Carolina Panthers resigned an army of talent and even the Chicago Bears brought in a few talented players in the last 48 hours.  The striking thing is the teams that are doing absolutely nothing to improve themselves.

The Denver Broncos have done little to help their 4-12 record of a year ago.  They have created a quarterback controversy, traded away their number 2 wideout and thus far have added Willis McGahee to bolster their running attack.  This is a team in desperate need of offensive line help, they need to get younger in the secondary and could really use a presence in the middle to suck up blockers to allow first round pick Von Miller to come off the edge without being double teamed.  I can not figure out what is the thought process in Denver, but they seem to be overly concerned about trading Kyle Orton and not about the improvements they need.

Other teams to fail to fill in rosters spots when they’ve had the chance are the Arizona Cardinals, Jacksonville Jaguars, Oakland Raiders, San Diego Chargers.