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What about Wilson, Does Russel Wilson have fantasy value?

So its offical, Russell Wilson has beat out Matt Flynn and will be the starting quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks this season.  Is he worth a Fantasy Football draft pick?

Lets Break it down:

At 5’10”, Russell Wilson is undersized for the prototypical NFL Quarterback.  Now before you start clamouring about Drew Brees and Doug Flutie let me finish.  He is undersized, but, he moves well in the pocket (much like Brees) and opens passing lanes by changing his angle to the receiver.  This helps him in two ways, first it allows him to see between the linemen, not over them.  Second it changes the angle the ball is coming in to the receiver which, depending on the route and the angle Wilson is throwing from, can alter the way a corner needs to play the pass allowing for more completions by moving the defensive back out of his correct position.

The question now becomes, can Wilson play at NFL speed?