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The Jets the new team in NY?

Recently NFL.com ran an article asking if the Jets were the new favorite team in New York. (“has new york gone green“)  I read the article thinking of course not.  Its been decades since the Jets have done anything worth discussing nationally and the Giants are just a few years removed from a Super Bowl championship.

The question itself perplexed me.  Is it possible in todays sport to go from the bottom to the top in the minds of the fans in one season.  For previous generations you had your team; either your father or grandfather or some one important to you as a child loved a team, you then decided based on that person if you loved their team, or their rivals.  I know for me it was my grandmother,  A Cubs fan through and through, we would debate the importance of a pitcher that could lay down a bunt vs. the useless position of the D.H., and of course we agreed.  Since those early years of my life at Chicago Cubs spring training games in Mesa, Arizona I have been a Cubs Fan, through several failed post-seasons and even more failed seasons, I have remained a Cubs fan.

So for me to hear that the entire city of New York is now Jets fans because of one above average season disturbs me.  It shows the new will of the fans and the leagues.  No longer are people rooting for the team they’ve followed for decades, no, now is the time when bandwagonning has become the “cool” way to be a fan.  I remember ripping kids to pieces as a youth when MY Chicago Bulls started winning championships, and Bulls fans showed up everywhere, and suddenly a strange extinction of Detroit Pistons hats, an immediate removal of James Worthy jerseys, replaced by a  Scottie Pippen (Michael and Magic were still everywhere, they were Michael and Magic).  That was the nearly the worst thing anyone could do, jump ship and root for a hated rival, topped only by playing for said rival (I’m looking at you, Charles Oakley).

As weird as it sounds for a 30-year-old to say, back in my day a fan rooted for his team regardless of what they did, and no matter what the record was they were still going to destroy your favorite team.  Growing up in the Phoenix, AZ area we had several Cowboys fans, and those who choose to root against, at the time, the lowly Arizona Cardinals were mocked and tormented with the screams of Vie Sikahema jersey wearing fanatics.  I myself heard the jeers of Dan Marjerle is better than Scottie Pippen, or worse, Charles Barkley is better than Michael Jordan, and taking nothing away from those two players – both ridiculous statements.  But that was being a Fan.

Today, we as fans see it acceptable for a man who grew up near Cleveland, was drafted by Cleveland, and crowned the Savior King of Cleveland, is a Yankee fan.  We see it O.K. for a player to play for both the Red Sox and the Yankees, and we as fans still find away to say that the match-up means something to the players.  Are the Jets now the favorite team in New York, of course they are, and they will be till week three when they lose to fall to 2-1, but the Giants won to go to 1-2, but they won that day, and that’s all we can remember as fans.  What happened today and what guy set the record for strikeouts on a Tuesday wearing blue socks and using more than 3 types of pitches per batter (please no emails on who currently holds that record).  We as fans have been spoiled by the speed of the sporting society, we hear that wide receivers coming out of college can’t play at NFL speed.  We hear that a pitcher has a no-hitter through 8 and 2/3, and immediately afterwards see that pitcher give up a bloop base hit.  We need to know that our fantasy running back has 8 yards 3 snaps into a football game we are watching on TV, and then refresh to make sure it wasn’t ruled as 9 yards.  We need everyone to know that the team we root for just won, which is why at this moment I’m a huge Blackhawks fan, it doesn’t matter that I care nothing about Hockey (I was raised in AZ), they won and that is what matters.

So Congrats to the Jets, may you go undefeated through to the Super Bowl and beyond, because we all know that as soon as you lose; we are all heading to Buffalo.

Bears and Bull….

The Bears have turned into a flying circus. He said this, then he said this, then Mike Ditka said… Please enough, Chicago Bears please stop talking to reporters. Urlachler needs to talk to his doctor, Sayers needs to talk to mortician, and Ditka and can do anything he wants, He’s Ditka. (said in the voice of da super fans)