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NFL Lockout still on, Brett Favre coming back?

That’s right boys and girls, the NFL lockout is almost over and off season activities are about to begin in the coming weeks; that means…… Brett Favre anarchy again.  It seems the Philadelphia Eagles are interested in the one and only “age-less” wonder.  Favre who will be 926 years old this October (OK only 42) may be in the process of hi-jacking a third straight off season with his “will he, won’t he” charade.

The move makes sense for Philly, bringing in another ego laden QB to contest with Michael Vick will be just the ego boost that Andy Reid needs.  If he does come to Philly it guarantees that Kolb will be moved, to no ones surprise.

For the sanity of all of us who follow football religiously and have suffered severe trauma during these past few months, please Brett, STAY HOME, I hear Mississippi is great all year long.