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Miami Dolphins at Houston Texans Recap

Rookie quarterbacks in abundance on Sunday for the opening week of the NFL season.  In Houston it was, Ryan Tannehill stepping into the fire, and man did he get burned.  Tannehill was sacked three times, and pressured 4 more, and while avoiding the stress of a dynamic Texans defense managed to throw three picks in the game.  The rest of Miami’s offensive squad was just that, offensive.  Daniel Thomas, Reggie Bush and Tannehill all fumbled balls (only 1 was lost), the receivers could not make a play down field despite a respectable 11 yards per completion.  The defensive side looked strong.  Miami’s run defense held Houston to just 2.4 yards per carry, although Arian Foster was able to punch it in, twice.

On the Texans side of the field this was a great warm up game.  There was never a point where Houston was in fear of losing the game and the play calling showed it.  Matt Shaub was able to find Andre Johnson for a 14 yard touchdown late in the second half to give Houston a 24 – 3 lead.  Once AJ put the ball in the end zone the mood of the offensive play calling changed dramaticly.  In the second half Houston played a solid clock controling strategy and great team defense.  Its important to remember that this was only Miami, and they are going through a lot of changes at the moment, but Houston seems to have all the tools to put something great together.

Andre Johnson, Hurt again

Over the past half decade Houston Texans Wide Receiver, Andre Johnson, has been considered the top Fantasy Wide Receiver in football.   His stats and ability were truly second to none.  However over the past 2 seasons Johnsons productivity has fallen and he has spent the second half of the season including the fantasy post season.  This year Andre starts the season off with yet another hamstring injury.

This season, Johnson will be lucky to be in the top 5 of Wide Receivers in terms of production.  Calvin Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald, Wes Welker and Roddy White should easily surpass his production.   There is no denying that Andre Johnson is still a top tier talent, but the question is the risk.  I feel more comfortable taking Larry Fitzgerald who rarely misses time over Andre falling to pieces one more time.

Tebow Time? Not so fast Tim.

The Denver Broncos have come out publicly and said that Kyle Orton is no longer on the trading block, and Tim Tebow may not be in the Broncos future going forward.

Orton has been taking most of the snaps with the first string so far, and Brady Quinn has been working heavily with the second string offense.  It appears that the Denver Broncos have finally realized what they had all along; a solid number 1 quarter back in Orton.

Denver had stated early this preseason that Tim Tebow would be the starter this year and many NFL experts agreed that it was the right move for the franchise.  However once players got into camp and John Elway and John Fox had an opportunity to see Tebow v. Orton, the decision was fairly obvious.  Tim Tebow’s mechanics are not NFL caliber and Kyle Orton is one of the most underrated QB’s in the league.

Too many people have placed the blame for the Broncos poor performance last year on Orton’s shoulders, but a quick look at game tape from last season clearly shows that Peyton Manning throwing to Andre Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald could not have won in Denver with their pathetic defensive plays.

With Orton finally being recognized for his skill set; where should he go in your fantasy draft?  The Answer, he’s a top 10 fantasy QB, he is in the same ball park as Tony Romo, Ben Roethlisberger and Matt Schaub.  Don’t believe me, check out his numbers over the last two years and compare them to the players mentioned.  If you don’t want Orton over at least two of those players you need to reconsider your draft strategy.