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Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers week 2 match up

This is one of the nastiest rivalries in the sport, perhaps any sport, and can yield some truly ugly match-ups. On paper, with key injuries on both sides, notably Charles Tillman and Brian Urlacher (who will probably start) for the Chicago Bears, and Greg Jennings severely limited, if playing at all, with a groin injury.

Aaron Rodgers is a sure start, just like he always is. He is simply the most reliable player in fantasy football right now. Win or lose, he will get his. As far as the receivers are concerned, I would look for a big day from Jordy Nelson, and especially Jermichael Findley. The last two meetings between the clubs, he put up four TD’s, and the Bears really do not have a counter for him yet.

San Francisco 49ers at Green Bay Packers Recap

Take Aaron Rodgers number one overall in all fantasy football formats.  Yeah we said that.  And Rodgers looked good, granted, we all want Rodgers to look great, but he did put up 303 yards, on 30/44 passing, with 2 TD’s (JerMichael Finley, and James Jones) and 1 pick.  The overall production value of Rodgers looks fine on paper, but the on field performance does live up to those pedestrian Rodgers numbers.  The Green Bay quarterback was consistently throwing the ball into small windows, giving little chance for his receivers to make a play on the ball. 

The QB Carousel

With Peyton Manning deciding to head to then Mile High City and now Matt Flynn going to the Great Northwest how does each teams QB rank on a fantasy level.  Check out the early rankings for NFL Quarterbacks this Fantasy Season.

Team Quarter Back Fantasy Value QBRK
Green Bay Packers Aaron Rodgers So, last year we said that Aaron Rodgers was worth the number one pick in all fantasy formats. We were right. This year we feel very similar. We can understand the debate between Brees, Rodgers and Brady and if you really want to get into it feel free, either way you have an elite Quarterback on your squad and much like the real NFL you maybe able to squeak through a championship once a decade without a top tier QB but its much easier with one. No longer are running backs the predominate necessity in Fantasy Football, its Quarterbacks and if you can draft your way into getting said QB’s number one threat you are two steps ahead of the game. 1
New England Patriots Tom Brady We battled back and forth here last year whether Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady were the best QB in Fantasy, Turned out it was Rodgers. That’s not to say that Brady wasn’t right there. The New England offense did what it does, throw the ball and they look to do it again this year. They have already secured Wes Welker for the season with the Franchise Tag and brought in deep threats Brandon Lloyd and Donte Stallworth. The additions allow for the dynamic Tight End duo to have more open field to work with and Welker to be able to roam free over the middle of the field and working the sidelines. The Patriots currently do not have a running back that can carry the load which means more passing from the best passing team in the league. Expect another fantastic Fantasy performance from Brady, again its either him, Rodgers or Brees. 2
New Orleans Saints Drew Brees Drew Brees was the player last year we were not sure was going to be able to reproduce the numbers we expect from the former Superbowl MVP. We knew he was a top 3 talent at the position but was he also worth a first round pick like we believed Brady and Rodgers were, he was. This year we have the same questions, but none of them revolve around if Brees can do it. Are questions this year all surround “Bounty Gate” and how will the penalty be handed down over the origination, if Sean Payton has to sit out a few games, will that effect the way the play calling on offense. The Saints did bring back Marques Colston but lost Robert Meachem, and they do still have Jimmy Graham but may loose several contributors on defense as well as already loosing Defensive Coordinator Gregg Williams. Brees is still a top Fantasy producer at the QB spot but may fall to number 4 depending on how Cam Newton, Matthew Stafford or even Philip Rivers shows up. 3
Detroit Lions Matthew Stafford If you were not convinced by Matthew Stafford’s performance at the end of 2010, then please tell me you apologized by mid season of 2011. Stafford showed great arm strength and accuracy on the deep ball and a utter lack of anything resembling fear as he regularly chucked the ball high and hard into double and triple teams to receiving god Calvin Johnson. Stafford is one of the few talents at Quarterback that does not need an overly talented receiving corp. Like Tom Brady, Stafford reads coverages well and has faith in knowing which one of his guys can beat their match up. He throws the ball with great touch and has an offense that is designed to let him break passing records. The running game in Detroit is going to fall apart, its what it does since Barry Sanders left, luckily Stafford has the arm strength of a young Drew Bledsoe and will have no problems throwing the ball 45 times a week. 4

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