Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals Recap

OK, so Kevin Kolb is the starter going into preseason, till the first series, when he gets hurt, then its John Skelton.  Skelton wins the job out right until the first game, when he goes down with a low ankle sprain and Kolb comes in and wins the game.  Anyone else just running as fast as they can away from any and all Arizona Cardinals?  The Red Birds offense looked disjointed at best absolutely confused at worst.  Arizona carried the ball 20 times, for only 44 yards, as the offensive line was unable to open any holes for the backs.  The Arizona Defense on the other hand made Seattle look flat out Busch league.  The Seattle passing game never got going, as rookie quarterback Russell Wilson failed to provide the excitement people expect after he beat out Matt Flynn in the preseason to be the starter.

Seattle’s defense also lived up to expectatoins.  Although in this game it was very difficult to determine good defense from simple atrocious offense.  Both teams failed to run the ball, both teams commited foolish turn-overs, both teams committed way to many penalties (SEA 13-90 yards AZ 10-102 yards), all and all both teams failed to provide any form of quality football, until Kolbs final drive to win the game.  Even when Seattle was able to move the ball down the field in the 4th quarter, the majority of their “Big Plays” were due to pass interferance penalties.  After watching the game, one: I need a shower, and two: I’m considering trading Larry Fitzgerald, as I don’t see this AZ offense putting it in the end zone on any kind of regular basis.

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