Post Week 3 Drop List

Despite some major production value late in games this past week, none of the players below should be taking up roster spots in standard 10 team leagues.  One or two of them may still be worth holding on to in deeper leagues, but below is a pretty safe bet on who you won’t be playing the rest of the seasonDrop these guys quickly and get in on the waiver wire to pick up some other Fantasy Football relevant talent.

Time to go….

Marcedes Lewis:  He played for a paycheck.  He got his paycheck.  Now he looks like the TE version of Albert Haynesworth.  Next.

Issac Redman:  You can get one more play out of him if you must, but it won’t be a great one.  There is no question that he will wind up as the #3 back behind Rashaard Mendenhall and Johnathan Dwyer when healthy.  Which may not be this week, but soon.

Titus Young:  The sleeper preseason darling has shown that he is an absolute bonehead with no chemistry with his coaching staff or Matt Stafford.  There is no reason to keep him, even stashed in deep leagues.  Even with a last second heroic catch to move Detroit into overtime, Young Sr. just does not give you enough stability.  Just move on.

Tim Tebow:  If you still own him, you are not going to drop him because of anything I write.  Just  know that it is not good fantasy football or logic that you are basing your decision on.  Homer.

Ronnie Brown:  If you have watched any of his plays, you’d know.  It’s bad. Glue factory for you, sir.  Jackie Battle is a serviceable back who should see a fair amount of touches behind the Glass Man.

Ryan Williams:  At least they give him touches.  Which means that if he had any other O-line in the NFL, he would stand a chance.  Stash him only if you are rock solid everywhere else, because he has talent.  And fumble-itis.

Chief’s D:  Just in case you were the last to know.  Because, apparently, I was.

Daniel Thomas:  It’s sad, because coming out of college, it looked like he had the potential to be a true feature back for Miami.  Enter a surprisingly dominant Reggie Bush, and now the success of Lamar Miller filling in, it looks like Thomas is the odd one out.   Daniel Thomas may have saved some fantasy relevance with a potential knee injury to Reggie Bush, however one fill in performance does not a fantasy player make, if you have him and need the depth at running back, keep him. 

As odd as this is to type in our drop list, add Daniel Thomas if you have Reggie Bush, he’s going to be a capable handcuff, if only on third down and passing situations.

Coming Soon to a drop list near you:

The following players are on the verge of being cut by their respective fantasy clubs.

Peyton Hillis:  Hillis is not getting the touches in KC that owners had hoped for, and when he does touch the ball, its straight into the back of his blocking lineman.  He should be on the cut list already, but we’re giving the back one more week to see if the Jamaal Charles show took the carries away from Hillis in week 3.

Toby Gerhart:  Gerhart got the ball 8 times in Sunday’s action, of the eight, he put three on the ground (losing 2 fumbles).  Adrian Peterson has shown that he is fully healthy.  Is it time to remove the handcuff and let Gerhart go?

Justin Blackmon:  He’s had 4 fantasy points so far this season.  He and Blaine Gabbert do not seem to be forming any sort of connection and Blackmon has looked lost in his routes.  One more week of this, and Blackmon hits waivers.

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