Players to Drop back to Free Agency

With so many Fantasy Football players losing their minds after one week, many will be considering adding free agents.  To do so means you must cut players on your team.  Here is our list of 11 players that can safely be cut to add a new stud player from the NFL pool of Free Agents.

Rashad Jennings JAX Jennings was limited in his duties week one because of an injury, oh yeah, and Maurice Jones-Drew is back and shows no affects from his hold out.  Let the man go.
Kendall Wright TEN Wright looked a bit out of sorts early in the Patriots game, but began picking up Regular Season speed over the course of the game.  I’m not sure I would release Wright just yet.  I can see him on the Add list in 2 or 3 weeks
Russell Wilson SEA Yes, Cut Wilson, and while you’re at it, cut all rookie quarterbacks selected after Trent Richardson.  Wilson has skill and will be good, and may put up a monster game this season.  However, he will be inconsistant and he can’t be any more that bench QB for any team looking to win this year
James Starks GB The Packers can’t run the ball, they just can’t do it.  I don’t know if it’s the scheme, or the Ghost of QB’s past saying “just chuck it up there”.    Starks is the number 2 now behind Cedric Benson, so he’s a safe drop, I’m not going to be surprised if Benson hits this list in the coming weeks
LeGarrette Blount TB Yup, last year, this guy was going to be my Arian Foster, the one I saw coming that no one else did, well, now I see him going, as far away from my team as possible.
Jacquizz Rodgers ATL No jumping off this guy yet.  We all know the weekly concern that is Michael Turners health, and Rodgers has game breaking ability.  It may take a few weeks for the Falcons to come down from their pass happy ways of week 1, but Rodgers will be there when they do.
Greg Olsen CAR Olsen put up 5 points in week 1, which is right in the range of what you should expect from a tight end not playing in NE, SD, or NO.  Cam loves his TE’s and will find Olsen more as the season progresses.  Don’t jump off the wagon to early on Olsen
Daniel Thomas MIA If you have the backs, drop him quickly.  In the Miami locker room, Thomas is currently curled up with a bone in the corner of the Dog House.  Reggie Bush will get the majority of the snaps and he’s making the most of them, Thomas is not.  
Washington Redskins Running Backs WAS Damn you Mike Shanahan.  The Redskins backfield has more black athletes in it than Kim Kardasian and no matter who starts, you never know who will perform.  I recommend staying away.
Greg Little CLE Little has a lot of talent, however Cleveland has almost none.  Without a quarterback capable of throwing the ball to players wearing the same color jersey has he is, Cleveland receivers become a mute point.  Remember how explosive Josh Cribbs was a few years ago, bet he’s not on your fantasy team either.

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