Players to Add from the Waiver Wire

Several players are being considered for free agent waiver wire additions after the first week of NFL action.  The Fantasy Football world explodes with excitement after the first week.  Many players will over react to a slow start and look to cut players that they “know have lost a step” in favor of the flavor of the week.  Read below the Top 11 added players and what you can expect from them.

PLAYER TEAM Report Grade
Kevin Ogletree DAL As the slot receiver in Dallas Ogletree will continue to see plenty of playing time and should be a viable low-end 2/high end 3 Fantasy Receiver.  A safe play. B
Dexter McCluster KC McCluster is a versatile receiver and running back.  Used similarly to the way the Saints use Darren Sproles, McCluster may wind up as a mid range #3 receiver. C-
Alfred Morris WAS Its hit or miss on Morris, he put up decent yardage and 2 scores, but his average per carry was low.  Shanahan has a history of juggling backs, and that can kill any value that Morris may have.  High risk, Medium reward B-
Stephen Hill NYJ Hill showed great explosiveness and clean route running in the Jets dominating performance against Buffalo.  We’re not sold that he can continue the same level against more aggressive defenses. C
Mark Sanchez NYJ He had a great game, but Sanchez will need to do more than that going forward, and he has never showed a history of consistent performances D
Randall Cobb GB Cobb has game breaking speed and has been stealing reps from Donald Driver for the last 6 regular season games.  He’s got a lot of upside, but the amount of weapons in Green Bay means limited targets. C-
Martellus Bennett NYG Bennett has had the rap of laziness and a lack of caring.  He has all the tools needed to be a dynamic Tight End in the NFL, but has all the attitude to kill those changes.  I just don’t trust him. D+
Dennis Pitta BAL Pitta looked solid against the Bengals on Monday, and Flacco targeted him several times in the Red Zone.  We are very high on Pitta and think he can grab 10 TD’s over the course of the rest of the season B+
Leonard Hankerson WAS I don’t know why people are jumping on Hankerson, it has to be the Pierre Garcon injury, which is not that serious.  Hankerson was kept out of Sundays game in New Orleans in favor of Aldrick Robinson, who played great. D
Aldrick Robinson WAS Not being added by many, Robinson earned the trust of RG3 on Sunday by extending his routes and finding space while the young QB moved around.  This trend can and should continue.  I like him over Hankerson, but would be cautious of both. C-
Alex Smith SF Smith showed a dominate control of his offense against the Green Bay Packers on Sunday.  He was accurate, made quick decisions, and moved the team down field. Not sold that he’s worth a pick up yet but keep him on your radar. Pass
Alshon Jeffery CHI Jeffery has a big body and excellent control of it.  He has a natural ability to shield the ball from defenders and is quickly earning the respect of his QB, Jay Cutler.  Alshon should replace Devin Hester as the number 2 receiver and has tremendous upside. C+

Earning honorable mention to the list was Denver Broncos number two back Knowshon Moreno.  Moreno had 5 carries for 13 yards and a touch down in Sunday nights win against the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Many people are wondering if this is the year, with Peyton Manning, that Knowshon finally gets open space to be able to use his great speed.  The answer from my view point is NO.  Knowshon has been a half-hearted player for the last 2 seasons, and the reduction in rushing attempts the Broncos are going to have this year will not encourage Moreno to work harder.

For me I have more faith that by week 4, Knowshon Moreno will be back as the third string back.  Rookie running back, Ronnie Hillman, was impressive in the preseason, has great hands and speed and can be used in a lot of ways that Peyton likes to use backs.   I’m holding off on releasing Hillman from a few teams that I run, because I firmly believe he can be a leathal weapon out of th backfield for Manning.

Along with Knowshon, Brandon Stokley is getting a lot of attention after week one.  Peytons most familiar target in Denver, Stokley also seemed to be his third down target.  Manning looked to Stokley in most clutch situation.  Stokley showed he still has NFLish speed at the slot position, still has great hands, and still runs great routes.   I don’t think Stokley is even a high end # 3 fantasy receiver, however a quality spot start against week pass defenses.

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