Fantasy Football Impact of Returning Refs

Early Thursday morning the NFL and the officials Union announced they had agreed in principle to an 8 year deal.  The deal would allow the “Real” Refs to return to the field for tonight’s game between the Baltimore Ravens and Cleveland Browns.  Although the agreement still needs to be ratified with a 51% vote of the officials 121 members, it is expected to be ratified.

With the return of the official Officials fantasy players have to be aware of the on field ramifications.  Of course, there will be better control of time-outs and challenges, which should limit some extra plays from happening.  But, the big impact will come on the field.  Teams like the Dallas Cowboys will be hit hard, their physical play in the secondary was being over looked for the most part with replacement officials, it will be interesting to see how they can adapt to the change.  For the first week at least, it looks like this might be a great time for Brandon Marshall to get back to pace as a number one receiver in Chicago.

The less obvious to notice will be how do offensive lines hold up now that holding and blocking penalties will be called.  The first week of play under the control of the actual Refs will speak volumes to how production levels can change.  Players to be watch going forward are:

Reggie Bush:  His offensive line has Richie Incognito, the dirtiest player in the league, I’m guessing he does not get away with the level of holding he has for the first 3 weeks.

Dallas Cowboys Defense:  Mentioned above, the return of officials who can spot their holds and contact downfield should open up some big plays for opposing receivers.

Green Bay Packers Offense:  After watching the Monday Night game, it became fairly obvious that the Packers struggles may have more to do with aggresive cornerback play downfield.  Something they will not be able to continue doing.


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