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What about Wilson, Does Russel Wilson have fantasy value?

So its offical, Russell Wilson has beat out Matt Flynn and will be the starting quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks this season.  Is he worth a Fantasy Football draft pick?

Lets Break it down:

At 5’10”, Russell Wilson is undersized for the prototypical NFL Quarterback.  Now before you start clamouring about Drew Brees and Doug Flutie let me finish.  He is undersized, but, he moves well in the pocket (much like Brees) and opens passing lanes by changing his angle to the receiver.  This helps him in two ways, first it allows him to see between the linemen, not over them.  Second it changes the angle the ball is coming in to the receiver which, depending on the route and the angle Wilson is throwing from, can alter the way a corner needs to play the pass allowing for more completions by moving the defensive back out of his correct position.

The question now becomes, can Wilson play at NFL speed?

Andrew Luck performs in first preseason game

The Indianapolis Colts new Franchise player, Andrew Luck has not stopped trying to be the next Peyton Manning, in fact, he is doing the exact same things as Peyton did in Mannings first preseason game.   That being, throwing for a touch down on his first play from scrimmage, Luck took a pop out screen to Donald Brown (the ball traveled 4 yards), Brown then found himself with plenty of open field ahead and was able to plow forward for a 63 yard touch down scamper.

Justin Blackmon signs

Justin Blackmon agreed to terms Monday with the Jacksonville Jaguars.  The contract itself is expected to be signed later this evening or early Tuesday.  Once signed Blackmon will be able to join the Jaguars in their preseason workouts. 

Blackmon, the fifth overall pick in this years NFL draft, had been the last player drafted yet to sign his rookie deal.  Although contract details were not released, it is expected to be a 4 year deal worth nearly $20 Million dollars total, with $12 million in guaranteed money.

Shannon Eastin – Replacement Ref

Shannon Eastin is scheduled to officiate Thursday nights game between the San Diego Chargers, and the Green Bay Packers in San Diego.  There had been rumors that Eastin would call the opening preseason game for the NFL season, Arizona Cardinals vs. New Orleans Saints in the Hall of Fame Game.  However these rumors appear to have been only speculation.  The NFL announced on Monday that Eastin would referee an NFL preseason game and it would be in Week 1 of the preseason.

According to the NFL commisioner Roger Goodell, Eastin will not be the last female to officiate in the National Football League.   Although no time table has been set for when the next female offical will be welcomed, many are speculating that if the NFL and the NFLRA (National Football League Referee’s Association) do not come to terms in the near future, more female refs could come really soon.

Eastin has spent the last 10 years officiating in the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference, and will be the first female to officiate an NFL game either regular season or preseason.

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What we learned in the Hall of Fame Game

What did we learn from the Hall of Fame game?

Even though it was only the first game in a 5 game NFL  preseason schedule  for both the Cardinals and Saints there is still important Fantasy Football relevant lessons to be learned the top for will be broken down below.

Hall of Fame Game Lessons

Andre Johnson, Hurt again

Over the past half decade Houston Texans Wide Receiver, Andre Johnson, has been considered the top Fantasy Wide Receiver in football.   His stats and ability were truly second to none.  However over the past 2 seasons Johnsons productivity has fallen and he has spent the second half of the season including the fantasy post season.  This year Andre starts the season off with yet another hamstring injury.

This season, Johnson will be lucky to be in the top 5 of Wide Receivers in terms of production.  Calvin Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald, Wes Welker and Roddy White should easily surpass his production.   There is no denying that Andre Johnson is still a top tier talent, but the question is the risk.  I feel more comfortable taking Larry Fitzgerald who rarely misses time over Andre falling to pieces one more time.

Peyton Performs

By all accounts, Denver Broncos new quarterback, Peyton Manning, performed like the Peyton of old in his first official practice with the team.  By all accounts the 36 year old QB looked better than expected during the Broncos first full team practice of the season on Thursday.

Minnesota Moves Down

The Cleveland Browns, obviously desperate to add a dominating physical Running Back, moved up one spot by trading with the Minnesota Vikings.  The move appears to be Cleveland’s shot at keeping Trent Richardson away from Tampa Bay.  Tampa was thought to be the most likely team to move into the 3 spot, but the Browns beat them to the punch.

Cleveland gave up their pick in the 1st round, 4th overall, along with their fourth pick (118), fifth (139), and seventh (211) round picks to slide up the one spot they needed to guarantee that Trent Richardson would be a Brown.

Richardson will be the first player off the board to have a solid fantasy value in 2012.  Not since Adrian Peterson came out was there a running back who could step into the league and produce.  The biggest advantage Richardson will have is he is coming into a run heavy system and looks to be able to carry the load.

Free Agent Signings

Free Agent signings from Wednesday, April 25th, in the NFL.

Teams are locking in players prior to the NFL Draft to better be able to assess who they are planning on taking starting tomorrow.

Nugent, Mike K Cincinnati Cincinnati
Bell, Kahlil RB Chicago Chicago
Rackers, Neil K Houston Washington
Wilson, Chris LB Philadelphia Washington
Simpson, Jerome WR Cincinnati Minnesota

Calvin Johnson is your Cover Boy

EA Sports puts Calvin “Megatron” Johnson on the cover of Madden 2013.

The final two canidates as voted on by fans was Calvin Johnson and Cam Newton.  The voting was incredibly close with Megatron taking 52 % of the fan voting.

Previous Madden cover players have suffered from what has been deemed the Madden Curse.  Players have lost season due to health, both mental and physical.  Some made it through the year unscathed but would go on to have serious off the field issues and most recently last year Peyton Hillis had his least productive season of his career, upset an entire origination and was ran out of a city that desperately needed his play, and the list goes on..