New York Jets Breakdown

 Has anyone heard anything from this team this off-season, it seems so quiet in the Big Apple this year.  Alright maybe not, maybe, per the norm, the Jets area bouystours group of under-achieving, egocentric, image addicts.  There has been no Rex Ryan decree of a Super Bowl championship this year, instead all the noise coming out of New York is a Jets offense that can not seem to go anywhere, and a defense that seems less than excited about an upcoming season that will see them on the field 60 – 65 percent of the game.

The Offensive squawking started coming back in March when the Jets added media sensation and sometimes quarterback, Tim Tebow to backup Mark SanchezTebow led the Broncos to the playoffs last season, and past a Pittsburgh Steelers team that had a far superior talent level.  The Jets, and more accurately, Rex Ryan, brought Tebow in to help influence a running game that has been doormat, I mean dormant.  The Jets offense in the past was a “ground and pound” system built on short passing routes and lots and lots of running plays.  This season, Rex stated he wanted to get back to the physical style that the team had such success under a few years back (back to back AFC Title games 2009-2010 seasons).  So know we know the Jets want to run the ball, but who will carry it?  Shonn Green has been the East coast version of Knowshon Moreno, L.T. is gone, Joe McKnight has speed and flashes glimpses of ability but is hardly a dominate running back, that leaves the best runner on the team…. Tim Tebow.  However Tebow still believes that he’s an NFL quarterback and is not likely to take the role he should, that of a dominating goal line back with the threat to throw the ball.

The defense is not setting itself up well either.  The front seven have generated a sub par pass rush for preseason action and the secondary is not getting the chances to create turnovers from quarterback pressures.  The talent is still with this group and they have a shot to hold down some above average offenses, however with the amount of time this unit will be on the field, by the end of the season, they may be to beat down to make a NFL playoff push.


Mark Sanchez, NO.  Tim Tebow, NO.  Shonn Green, NO.  Santonio Holmes, No… alright maybe Holmes late, 11th to 13th round.  The Defense is a solid enough unit that for the first 3/4 of the season they should be a safe play, but the amount they will be on the field worries me later in the year.  All told this is a team to avoid for Fantasy Football purposes.

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